Hand Full Of Dark Mulch

Benefits Of Mulch

In this post we go over the benefits of mulch in your flower beds and around the trees in your yard.

Many homeowners use a lawn care company to deliver and install the mulch around their yards usually at economical prices.

Especially so if you have large flower beds that will require multiple yards of mulch which can be heavy.

With that being said let’s take a look at some of the reasons to use it as a homeowner.


Typically one of the biggest reason homeowners install mulch is to dress up their yards and make them look better.

By adding mulch around trees and in flower beds you can create a distinctive look.

Especially when using darker mulch which helps to make your plants stand out and show their colors.


With the varying seasons here in the Syracuse NY area mulch can play an important part in keeping your trees and plants healthy.

During our hot summers when we don’t get as much rain, the mulch helps to keep some of the moisture at the base of the plants.

This helps them from drying out.


Your plants receive their nutrients from the soil.

When you apply mulch around your plants over time it will start to breakdown and return the nutrients back to the soil for the plants to use.

This is a good reason to use natural mulch instead of any man-made mulches such as rubber or plastic.

Weed Control

Mulch is a good way to control weed growth.

By having a layer of much over the soil, weeds will not have the sunlight to help them grow.

Weeds also need soil to germinate but with a layer of mulch over the soil weed seeds won’t be able to reach the ground.

Although mulch is good for weed control its not full proof.

If weeds start appearing in your flower bed then you may need to thicken the layer of mulch to prevent sunlight from reaching the soil.

What type of mulch to use

You have a choice of organic or inorganic mulches for your yard.

Organic is anything that is taken from the environment.

Good examples would be wood chips, pine needles, straw and bark.

These organic mulches will decompose over time and your plants and trees will benefit from the nutrients that are returned to the soil.

The one disadvantage is that you will need to top off frequently to replace what has decomposed or been washed away.

Inorganic is anything that is man made such as plastics and rubber.

These are used because they are available in different colors and last longer than organic mulch.

So there is a cost savings over the long term.

Unfortunately unlike organic mulch inorganic mulch won’t add any nutrients to the soil and can possibly contaminate soil with chemicals from its manufacturing process.

That’s why we at Monster Lawn Care Plus prefer organic mulch.

Are you looking for a company to help clean up your flower beds and install mulch?

Reach out to us for a free estimate.

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