How Much Does Mowing Cost

How Much Does Monthly Mowing Cost

Your a busy person or just want more time for yourself so your considering a lawn care service and would like to know how much does monthly mowing cost?

As with any service there are different levels depending on your needs.

Plus the cost of mowing the grass will depend on other factors specifically the size of your yard, obstacle such as trees, gardens and pools as well as fenced or hard to reach areas.

The first step is to get an estimate

It all starts with a phone call or maybe you fill out a form in order to get an estimate.

The lawn care company comes to your home and measures your yard to get the square footage.

The estimator will also evaluate the yard for obstacles as well as the terrain.

All these factors come into play that will determine the cost to mow your lawn.

For example its more time consuming to mow grass on a hill than it is on a flat yard.

Or maybe you have a pool and some flower beds throughout the yard that will take longer to maneuver around.

These are typically what a lawn care estimator will consider when they come to look at the job.

Basic lawn care cost

Next lets talk about the actual lawn care services being offered and what it entails.

The basic service includes:

  • lawn mowing
  • edging
  • trimming
  • blowing clippings from driveway & road

This is the typical service being performed when the truck pulls up to your house.

The minimum cost

The estimator knows the costs of their operation as far as the overhead of its employees and equipment.

They have a minimum cost that they will need to meet in order to do the job.

For us here at Monster Lawn Care Plus our mowing service starts at $25 per mow ($100 per month).

Most residential lawns in the Syracuse area are going to range in cost from $25 to $60 per mow ($100 to $240 monthly).

Mowing schedule

Also keep in mind that a lawn care company has a very busy schedule.

Most of their income is made during the summer months.

With a full schedule a mowing service may have up to 20 to 30 lawns per day.

Efficiency of routes is important and why some companies will charge more for bi-weekly customers.

Bi-weekly mowing jobs break up the planned weekly routes which adds more time to the day.

We try to keep tight mowing routes that span the East Genesee corridor running from the Syracuse University area through route 5 heading towards Manlius.

This saves lawn care customers in our area money.

Whats not included in the cost

Property owners can have a list of things that they may want done in their yard other than lawn mowing.

This can consist of:

These services aren’t included in the monthly mowing cost.

They are considered add on services that need to be priced and scheduled seperately.

Some of the services such as leaf removal are done during different parts of the year mainly spring and fall.

While trimming bushes or triming trees can be squeezed into the schedule with some planning.

Getting back to the cost of monthly mowing in Syracuse NY

If your ready to hire a lawn mowing service hopefully we gave you an idea of what it will cost on a monthly basis to get your grass cut.

You as a residential customer can expect to pay $100 to $240 per month.

Smaller yards with less obstacles will cost less while bigger yards are going to cost more.

The only way to truly know the is to get a free estimate.

Make sure to check out our free lawn mowing special going on for a limited time!

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