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How Often Should I Mow The Lawn

If you want to keep your lawn healthy and looking good its best to keep a consistant mowing schedule.

How often it gets mowed can depend on certain factors such as the time of year, weather as well as the type of grass.

Lets take a look at some of the things to consider….

Time of year

Here in Syracuse NY the grass starts growing in April as the temprature gets warmer and we get more daylight.

We also get a fair amount of rain.

This combination results in rapid growth.

During this time you can expect to have a weekly mowing schedule just to keep up starting around mid April.

If you skip a week in the spring chances are its going to be difficult cutting the grass as it can reach longer lengths quickly.

We typically start our lawn mowing service for clients mid April.

As summer kicks in growth tends to slow down but although its not growing as quickly how often your lawn gets mowed will depend on the weather.

Does weather effect how often the grass gets cut

The answer is yes!

This summer we had a lot of rain in our area along with plenty of sunlight which caused the grass to grow steadily all summer into November.

Just the right amount of sun and rain promotes growth so expect to cut the grass more frequently during these times.

But if you have more sun than rain the grass will slow down and need to be cut less often.

Consider damage to lawn when deciding on a mowing schedule

Staying on a routine schedule for cutting grass will help to keep your lawn at a consistant height.

Why is this important you may ask?

Damage to grass can occur if your cutting too much off at a time.

The rule of the thumb is 1/3 of the height per mowing.

If you let grass grow too tall and need to cut more than a 1/3 of the height to get it back to a manageable height then you risk damage to your lawn.

Cutting off to much grass at a time can result from an improper or erradict mowing schedule.

So how often should I cut the grass

Its a good idea to plan on weekly mowing schedule as the season begins.

This way its easier to keep your lawn under control which results in a healthy lawn with well developed root system.

In some instances there may be a need to cut the grass more frequently when its growing faster than usual.

Maybe every 5 to 6 days.

Then if need be you can cut back to 10 days or bi-weekly when things get dry and the grass slows down.

Typically a good lawn care company would be able to adjust as needed to the demands to keep your lawn looking good.

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