Lawn Mowing Ely Drive Fayetteville Ny

New lawn care customer in Fayetteville NY

We are always happy to take on new lawn care customers in difficult situations.

There are some circumstances in which a homeowner can no longer maintain their lawn.

We try to make it as streamlined as possible to sign up for our service.

The story

Recently we had to give a quote for weekly lawn mowing service in Fayetteville NY.

We received a call from a gentleman whos mother at the age of 91 was still cutting the grass at her home.

Unfortunately her mower broke down and she was no longer able to maintain the lawn.

Quote accepted

Being out of town the son was able to sign his mother up for our lawn care service through email and set up payment as well.

We were there the next day to complete the service and get her yard back into shape.

This resulted in a new customer for the 2023 mowing season.

Let us help you!

If your looking for lawn mowing in the Fayetteville NY area give us a call at 315-464-0104 or fill out the form here.

We can get you a quick estimate.

Also consider our leaf removal service for spring and fall.

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