Is It Time To Hire Lawn Care Service

When Should I Hire A Lawn Mowing Service

Hiring a lawn mowing service can be a stressful experience for some homeowners and many will put off the decision until the last minute.

Don’t worry though there are many reputable companies in and around Syracuse that offer great service including us!

We have already talked about how to choose the best lawn service company for you now we just need to talk about the best time to hire one to mow your lawn.

April is when mowing season starts but …

You see it every year when the month of April hits.

Lawn care company trucks running about and parked throughout neighborhoods mowing lawns.

The important thing to remember when your ready to hire a lawn mowing company is that many of these companies need to have a schedule in place much earlier than April.

This helps them to organize their routes and make things efficient.

As a homeowner you should be in the final stages of choosing your service provider in February or the latest March.

This allows you to get things in order such as:

  • A day sceduled for mowing
  • Payments set up especially if online payment is available
  • Go over specifics of what is included with your lawn care service
  • Spring cleanup if needed

Don’t wait until the last minute!

Now you know the reasons why its best to have your lawn mowing company ready to go in April.

What happens when you wait until the last minute?

Well first off the grass grows very fast due to the amount of sun and rain that we receive here in Syracuse during the spring.

Mowing grass that is extremely long is more time consuming coupled with the fact that it may also be wet poses some challenges.

Wet grass and long grass clumps up easier so it may not look very good for the first cut and the company that you choose may charge more money to cut your grass this time.

Another factor is the availability of mowing companies.

Having to hire someone last minute means that ultimately you may end up with a less qualified company.

Final thoughts

Your home is one of your best investments and should be treated as such.

Plan ahead for the coming season when choosing your lawn mowing service.

Start as early as possible to make sure everything is ready to go in the spring and this will take some of the stress off you.

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