Weekly Mowing Vs Bi Weekly Mowing

Weekly Mowing vs Bi-Weekly Mowing Syracuse NY

As a lawn care company we help customers determine whether they should go with weekly mowing vs bi-weekly mowing.

We prefer to mow lawns on a weekly schedule and will get into the reasons why below.

Is it better to mow weekly or bi-weekly

Time of the season as well as the area that you live in can determine your mowing schedule.

Here in our service area around Syracuse NY our lawn mowing season gets started around mid April.

Grass grows quickly so we start out on a weekly mowing schedule for most customers.

Pros of weekly mowing

Getting your lawn mowed weekly has some benefits:

  1. Healthier lawn – one of the main reasons to mow weekly is to keep your lawn healthy. Weekly mowing allows just enough grass to be cut in order to preserve stored moisture in the grass stalks.
  2. Stronger root system – cutting grass at consitant height every week not only will keep your lawn healthy but also promote stronger roots. Stronger root systems will allow your grass to make it through the drier months easier.
  3. Grass clippings – when having your lawn mowed weekly the grass clippings will be smaller and will decompose faster into the soil adding nutrients to help your lawn.

Cons of bi-weekly mowing

  1. Cutting too much grass – If you were to have your lawn mowed bi-weekly you would end up cutting off too much grass height at one time. This could cause damage resulting in the grass tips being shredded and eventually turning brown.
  2. Weather – when your having your lawn done on a bi-weekly schedule there will be the risk of getting too much rain. This results in more time between cuts causing stress to the grass.
  3. Loss of moisture – moisture is stored further up the stalks of the grass blades. Cutting grass every two weeks can result in cutting of the tips storing the moisture which the roots need.
  4. Too many grass clippings – when the grass is tall and its get mowed there will a lot more that won’t get mulched up by the mower. It will then sit on top of the sale lawn or at the base of the grass hampering nutrients and moisture from reaching the roots.

We prefer to cut your grass weekly

Hopefully you see some of the benefits of getting weekly mowing vs bi-weekly mowing.

Our preference is to do it weekly but we understand that some folks are on a budget or their lawn just doesn’t grow as fast.

So we do accept accept bi-weekly mowing accounts and price it accordingly for the amount of work that will be needed to maintain it.

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